Personal Project - Bhailoo Sings the Blues

My younger sibling sent me a surprise voice message via Whatsapp to cheer me up as I was missing home.
In his 'cracked' voice he sang me a hindi song narrating a brother's love for his sister. 
I decided to take advantage of this audio and added a small animation.

Titmouse 5 Second Day Animation 2014

I had the chance to participate in this year's Annual 5 Second day at my amazing studio, Titmouse .Inc Canada. On this day we get to create a short film of your choice and content and we get paid to do it!
I decided to use my flash film character and create another dreamy episode. Enjoy!

Classically Animated Film - TIED UP

'Tied Up' is Classically animated film that was completed at the Vancouver Film School's classical animation program.
It is animated and directed by Sharvari Shah using traditional mediums such as pencil and paper and softwares such as Toonboom Harmony, After Effects, Premiere, Photoshop.

'Tied Up' is a film about a Boy struggling to wear a Tie. The story reveals the level of struggle the Boy has to go through, suggesting that the Tie itself is alive and has a plan of its own.

Flash Animated Film - HUNGER PANGS

'Hunger Pangs' is a Flash film that was completely done in 3 weeks at the Vancouver Film School's classical animation program. 'Hunger Pangs' is a one shot gag about a dog day dreaming about food and how he manages to feed his hunger.
Animation, Direction, Sound design by Sharvari Shah
Softwares used: Photoshop and Flash

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