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Strange touch is a 64-page graphic novel that reads about a struggle to overcome a past that haunts the present. The protagonist keeps traveling between her past and her present and searches for closure of her tormented past. As the plot evolves, the bridge between the present and the dream of her past narrows down and becomes one.

This project is inspired from personal experience and acts as a bridge that connects the reader and brings them closer to an experience and emotions that a victim of child abuse or any kind of abuse fails to express. Most of the children become adults but still carry along with them the loose strings of their past and find ways to let out their frustrations. I strongly believe this project to be a chance to take a leap and face the ugly truth that may have lay hidden under layers of emotional camouflaging. I would like to take forward the learning from this project as a visual artist and the experience as an individual, to explore further the possibilities of visual storytelling.

Flip through to read the first 7 pages of the Graphic Novel. For more reading send an email at: s.sharvari@gmail.com

To read an online review about Strange Touch, click Here.
Some of the Artwork from the book and the Process:


'Flight' is a 24 page comic book that narrates a growing relationship between a natural bird and a mechanical bird i.e. a plane.
Here is a link to read the complete comic book, FLIGHT
Below are few pages from the book.


In 2009 I created an Illustration of an Indian commuting vehicle for a freelance project. In 2012 I participated in the Ahmedabad Wall Painting Project where I painted the same Illustration to represent modern Indian art form.

The 'Chakda' Illustration

The 'Chakda' Wall Painting
Featured in local newspaper


As part of many design courses while studying at Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology, I produced books, postcards and posters that illustrate my understanding and explorations in the field of Typography and Illustration.

Postcard Illustrating Bangalore city
Postcard Illustrating Bangalore city

Illustrated alphabets for a Sign language book

Illustrated Pop-Up book

Packaging design

Poster Design

Typography-Postcard Illustration

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